Our textile cleaning services include wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs, and upholstery.  Residential and commercial services available.


Get a cleaner, healthier living environment with one of our carpet cleaning packages - as low as $99*

Textile Cleaning and Deodorizing Services

While there are a few different ways to clean carpet – the most effective method (also recommended by carpet manufacturers) is Hot Water Extraction (or Steam Cleaning).  Hot Water Extraction uses hot water and cleaning solution, pressurizing affected carpet in order to break up dirt, bacteria, and other detrimental pollutants. Using high-powered vacuums, the cleaning solution and contaminants are lifted out of the carpets and into a contained waste-water tank. On heavily soiled areas, a pre-spray and spotting chemicals can be applied for added effectiveness.  At completion, your carpet is left at a Neutral PH, ensuring guard against re-soiling after cleaning. 

Our detergents are safe on all fabrics, as well as children and animals

Why Pristine Services?

Most of our competitors get their business by offering a low rate that seems almost too good to be true (pro-tip: that's because it usually is). Rather than sell countless additional upgrades crucial to performing an excellent job, we feel these components should be included in the initial price - so you know what you're getting from the start.  We offer up-front pricing based on rooms/areas affected.  Pristine Services quotes not only address deep-cleaning Hot Water Extraction, but also include deodorizing and spot treatment on tough stains.  Contact us today for a FREE estimate, and see what a new home can feel like.