Restore and enhance the beauty of your wooden surfaces—while protecting your investment!


With multiple sealant and stain options, we have the perfect product to protect and preserve your deck.

Once any wooden surface is cleaned, it needs to be protected.

While all of our deck services protect wood from harmful UV rays, foot traffic, and weather moisture (rain, sleet, and snow included!),  a variety of different stains and sealants are available:

  • Deck sealing: great for maintaining a natural look after pressure washing. Deck seals have no tint (100% clear), and are a good option for basic protection at a great value. 

  • Semi-transparent stain: the most common, as it tints wood indesired color, while also allowing the natural wood grain to show through. 

  • Solid stain: the longest-lasting, most durable stain. Great for customizing your deck in a wide variety of colors, while providing the greatest level of protection. 

Every deck is different...

No two decks are the same; it's best to have a professional evaluate the condition and material of your deck. Pristine Services is expertly trained in restoring both common woods (most decks in the Northern VA area are Pine) and exotic woods such as Ironwood/Ipe, Teak, Mahogany, Cedar. Also experienced in fading and aged composite materials.

Most Popular Semi-Transparent Stains

Stain Colors.png

(NOTE : For newer wood, we use Ready Seal oil based stains. Our solid color stain options may appear slightly lighter than the online sample when applied.)